Special Exhibits

Olin’s Musical Box Collection

Olin's Music Box Collection    Olin's Music Box Collection

As avid collectors, Mrs. Bertha Olin and Dr. William Olin Sr. have been longtime supporters of the Johnson County Historical Society and the preservation of their community’s history. Part of their music box collection was donated on temporary loan to view at the Johnson County Historical Society’s exhibit hall.

This exhibition can now be accessed online! Learn about the collection as you hear these machines play music. Visit: http://olinexhibit.wixsite.com/jchs.

Street View: Downtown Iowa City, Then and Now


“Street View: Downtown Iowa City, Then and Now” highlights images of the downtown area’s buildings and businesses from 1960 and 2016. The 1960s photographs were taken by an Iowa City firefighter and donated to JCHS by Rex Brandstatter. The scenes were recreated by Rubin Flores, a local photographer. The side-by-side views encourage visitors to compare the buildings and businesses of downtown Iowa City.


Through My Eyes: Personal Journeys Through WWI

You’re invited to view the latest exhibit at JCHS! Our new temporary exhibit is all about WWI and the men who fought in it.

Travel through time on a visceral, thought-provoking experience learning about a Doughboy’s uniform, life in the U.S. Navy, and the first war to use chemical warfare on a large scale.

“Through My Eyes: Personal Journeys Through WWI” highlights local boys’ travels and personal journeys domestically and overseas. This exhibition features displays focusing on gas attacks and chemical warfare. The army uniform and gas memorabilia are courtesy of Maj. Gen. Robert Sentman, Ret.