Useful Links

Research Links

While the Johnson County Historical Society houses over 10,000 artifacts, we may not have items that meet your needs. In such cases, we recommend the following websites as useful links in your continued research and/or program planning:

  • State Historical Society of Iowa
    • Extensive collections, exhibits, and programs including state government records, manuscripts, photographs, genealogy collections, and more
    • Online catalog for researching books, periodicals, newspapers, and manuscripts from collections located at both the Iowa City and Des Moines Research Centers
    • Educational resources for groups such as treasure hunts, bingo sheets, and exhibit guides
  • IAGenWeb Project
    • Non-profit organization entirely staffed by volunteers who work together to provide online access for genealogical research
    • Contains links to dozens of online research sites
  • Iowa Genealogical Society
    • Extensive library open to the public for a usage fee
    • Online database for researching collections and records
    • Fee-based assistance for research

Digital History

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