Board of Directors

Lara Marsh

Lara Marsh

Board Chair

Lara is the owner of a local web design, hosting, and technical support company called ratherthanrunning, LLC. In addition to her interest in Iowa and American history, she works on many social justice issues such as human trafficking, gun violence, and childhood hunger. She is married and has two children. Email: info at


Chris Knapp

Board Treasurer

Chris has been a resident of Johnson County since 1959. He is a graduate of both Iowa State University and the University of Iowa. Chris and his wife, Vernette, retired from U.S. Bank after 35 years and 42 years respectively. They are both actively involved in Rotary which allows them to travel both in Iowa … Read More

Peter Blank

Board Member

Peter is an Iowa City native with a degree in History from the University of Northern Iowa and is head of sales at Lenoch and Cilek Commercial Supply in Iowa City. Email: pjb52317 at

Rex Brandstatter

Board Member

Rex is a lifelong resident of Coralville. He works as a realtor and is an avid collector of classic cars and anything Hawkeye related. Email: rex at

Elaine Haddy

Board Member

Elaine attended the University of Iowa and is the Director of Information Management for the University of Iowa. Email: elaine-haddy at

Robert Sentman

Board Member

Robert is a retired Major General from the United States Army. He served 34 1/2 years. He and his wife currently own and operate a 1,200 acre cattle and crop farm near Iowa City.

Scott Stutsman

Board Member

Scott is the Chief Executive Officer at Eldon C. Stutsman Inc. Email: scott at  

Steve Weeber

Board Member

Steve is a retired executive of Nalco Chemical Company and an independent farmer. He and his wife, Jan, live on a farm near Iowa City that has been in his family since it was purchased from Native Americans before Iowa became a state. They have two children and five grandchildren. Email: steve.weeber at